I thought Dinesh D’Sousa was smart

I thought Dinesh D’Sousa was smart

By Dave Leach -  Dinesh D’Sousa makes great movies but little immigration sense.  I hope Dinesh D’Sousa doesn’t make a movie about immigration.

I just watched Dinesh D’Sousa on Huckabee, on Fox. (July 27, 2014).  I watched both his two movies, and was very impressed with his intelligence. But I just heard him, to the applause of Huckabee’s studio audience, say we are the most generous nation in…

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Fake article exposes racism behind anti-immigration movement

yellingwomanRacists making complete fools of themselves is hardly a new thing, but a recent Facebook post may have set a new standard for idiocy. Of course, it comes from a group of individuals opposed to immigration reform.

A Facebook user calling herself “Mary Determinedposted a link to a satire article titled “Mexican President Nieto Annexes SW US” in a Facebook group called “No Amnesty, No Immigration…

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Fact check: Dan Patrick border crossing claim is highly exaggerated

Fact check: Dan Patrick border crossing claim is highly exaggerated

Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in this fall’s general election, has made a name for himself on the backs of migrant workers from Mexico and refugee children from Central America, depicting them as diseased invaders. As a self-appointed “champion of the border,” Patrick has been at the forefront of the “secure the border” movement,…

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Do Immigrants Steal Jobs?

Do Immigrants Steal Jobs?

By Bob Quasius – Professor Ben Powell of Suffolk University debunks the myth that immigrants steal jobs.

I agree completely! The foundation for this myth is the flawed notion that jobs are a zero sum game, when in reality jobs are constantly created and destroyed due to our dynamic economy. Economist Alex Nowrasteh has also written…

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Thomas Sowell on Immigration

Thomas Sowell on Immigration

thomas sowell dillingham

Thomas Sowell praised Dillingham Commission Immigration report, which was widely debunked

By Alex Nowrasteh – Thomas Sowell is an influential and prolific writer whose books span the social sciences. My shelves are full of them, decorated with underlines, marginalia, and dog-eared pages. But in his recent columns and comments on immigration, Sowell has not approached that topic with the same…

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Why is America deporting border refugees to the murder capital of the world?

Why is America deporting border refugees to the murder capital of the world?

civil rights immigrationOn Monday, July 14, the first wave of 38 deportees from the border crisisarrived back in their home country of Honduras. The country’s first lady and members of the media were there to greet them. Promises were made that the 38 refugees, all single women and children, would be taken care of, but the proclamations were met with skepticism from those returning. One refugee, a single mother with a…

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“For I Was a Stranger” debate #3: Proofobia

“For I Was a Stranger” debate #3: Proofobia

By Dave Leach – “Proofobia”: calling an interpretation “wrong” without offering an alternative; irritation with a request for evidence.

This is the rest of my interaction with Sandra Lee Smith. The first portion was #2 of this series, about the label “lawbreakers” applied to those for whom our laws have made obedience impossible.

This is a conversation with a self-identified Bible believer, and…

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Another Restrictionist Bible Study

Another Restrictionist Bible Study

Bryan Fischer’s restrictionist Bible study [in support of further restrictions on how many or who can come legally] argues that we should not open up our immigration quotas unless we first require them to all worship as America’s Founders did.

Doesn’t that assume America’s Founders worshiped the same way? Fisher didn’t explain what way that was.

The most frightening thing about the restrictionist 

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Immigration’s Deadliest Threat

Immigration’s Deadliest Threat

By Dave Leach – Immigration’s deadliest threat was missed by Zack Taylor, retired border control agent, who said the Russian Mafia is sneaking “dirty bombs” and criminal sabateurs across an unpatrolled section of our border while Obama’s CIA facilitates the plan in Central America and border patrol agents are told not to ever fire their guns again until October of 2015, while public attention is…

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After KAL007 Was Shot Down Ronald Reagan Showed Leadership… And Obama’s?

After KAL007 Was Shot Down Ronald Reagan Showed Leadership… And Obama’s?

By Bob Quasius – 30 Years ago Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by a Soviet fighter. President Ronald Reagan gave this terrific speech condemning the Soviet Union, demonstrating the essence of a true leader of the free world.

Now where is Obama’s leadership following the tragic loss of a Malaysian Air flight over Russian…

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