Hoffmeier’s Nemesis: Leviticus 19:33-34

Hoffmeier’s Nemesis: Leviticus 19:33-34

By Dave Leach – Leviticus 19:33 is too embarrassing a challenge to immigration restrictionists to go unchallenged, so James Hoffmeier rose to the challenge with his book “The Immigration Crisis”.

The book was written in 2009, and the interview to which this article responds was posted June 9, 2009, so this is not exactly a flash on the latest news, but a friend who just found it asked my response…

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T-shirt ideas

By Dave Leach -These are ideas for T-shirts – text only. Wearing any of these T-shirts will definitely start conversations. If you would like to be able to finish them, you may want to study the Deportation Brief from which the Supreme Court quotes were taken. Or watch the bilingual video.

Information after carets is not necessarily for including on the shirt, but for preparing the person wearing…

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Enviromentalists are Watermelons – Green on the Outside, Red in the Middle

Enviromentalists are Watermelons – Green on the Outside, Red in the Middle

By Jonathon DuHammel – Many environmental groups claim their actions and policies are necessary to save the planet from all sorts of real and imagined problems. As I’ve reported in a previous post (Climate and Communism) radical environmentalists don’t like capitalism because it impedes their utopian fantasy. For instance, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework…

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Study Shows That Greenhouse Gas Induced Warming Decreased in Last 14 Years

Study Shows That Greenhouse Gas Induced Warming Decreased in Last 14 Years

By Johathon DuHammel – New measurements contradict main tenets of global warming alarmists. First some background.

A greenhouse structure (or an automobile parked in the sun) warms as follows. Short wave radiation from the sun penetrates the glass and warms the interior. The warm interior radiates heat as long-wave infrared radiation which cannot penetrate glass. The glass also prevents heat loss…

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Pearls Before Swine - Refugee Children

Pearls Before Swine – Refugee Children

By Lynn Atherton-Bloxham – Many American children grew up hearing the Biblical passage which cautions to “not cast your pearls before swine”. A child hearing that for the first time probably had a vague idea of what pearls were; similar to jewels, something of scarcity and value, therefore each one to be treasured.

As adults if they perused the Biblical scholars, they might find some divergence…

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Border patrols backfire

By Alex Nowrasteh – President Obama’s recent request for billions of dollars to address the surge in unaccompanied children across the U.S.-Mexico border has ignited fierce criticism. Republicans such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas blame Obama’s supposedly lax enforcement policies. Democrats blame the surge on a humanitarian crisis in Central America.

While both narratives bear some truth, both miss…

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The Conservative Case for Immigration Reform

The Conservative Case for Immigration Reform

By Alex Nowrasteh – The debate over immigration reform, intensified by the surge of unaccompanied child migrants at the U.S.–Mexico border, has many conservatives worried. Republican strategist Lanhee Chen explainedthat conservative opposition to immigration reform in the United States “is a very visceral reaction to what America should be about.” According to conservative opponents of…

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Nothing illegal about “prosecutorial discretion”

Nothing illegal about “prosecutorial discretion”

By Dave Leach – There is nothing illegal about Obama announcing “prosecutorial discretion” – to what extent he plans to enforce various immigration laws. Contrary to the moans of Republicans who claim they are for “Rule of Law” which they claim Obama and immigrants are destroying, it is our laws which authorize Obama to exercise discretion.


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Volunteer needed from one of 6 states to heal immigration

Volunteer needed from one of 6 states to heal immigration

By Dave Leach – If you live in one of the 6

Kaye Beach story in the City Sentinal, (Oklahoma City), June 25

Kaye Beach story in the City Sentinal, (Oklahoma City), June 25

states listed below, would you consider volunteering to heal immigration restrictionism, in order to rescue our nation from its crushing debt, heal its hardened heart, and restore its relationship with its Creator?

Would you be willing to be a defendant in a lawsuit fought by a Christian…

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E-verify too close to the Mark of the Beast for comfort

E-verify too close to the Mark of the Beast for comfort

By Dave Leach – How many details of the Mark of the Beast, as described in Revelation 13, match E-verify? Is it judgment-safe to vote to require every U.S. employer to check every employee with E-verify, so long as the match is less than 100%?

Few connect E-verify with the Mark of the Beast, for several reasons. One is that it does not involve an implantable RFID chip, which it is popularly…

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